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Resume Database Access Guidelines
Resume database access is limited to US organizations / companies and official NATO allies. Access is not knowingly given to any organization that works against the interests of the United States of America. Access is limited to organizations and individuals registering for the purpose of recruiting potential future employees. Potential employers should have a clear requirement for the skills within our database. All requested identifying employer information must be provided before access will be considered. Resume access may be delayed while potential employer information is confirmed. Access may be denied or terminated by management at any time.

Any company accounts that aren’t active for 5 years or more will be deleted. This is to ensure that only current employers receive access to sensitive information of TechExpo job seekers.

Resume Database Usage
Other than being provided to potential employers, collected resume information is not shared, sold or rented. Email addresses within resumes are not used for any purpose other than to contact resume owners regarding recruiting events, potential job openings, the upkeep of their resume or to forward information from a potential employer.

Liability for Resume Database Access
Your data will be stored and processed in whole in the United States. If you access the Web site from Canada, your usage of the site constitutes consent to the transfer of your data out of Canada to the United States and acknowledgement that United States governments, courts of law enforcement or regulatory agencies may obtain disclosure of your data through the laws of the United States.

Companies using our resume search service are domestic and worldwide. We review all companies prior to allowing access, and access is granted to organizations that have a valid interest in security-cleared personnel. Users may include government, academia, the defense industry, and technology industry professionals. Access is not knowingly given to any organization that may have intentions other than offering employment, or that may be inappropriate viewers of your career information.

TECHEXPO recognizes that some of the information contained in resumes may be sensitive or contain potentially proprietary information TECHEXPO does not review and does not take responsibility for what is contained within resumes. Resume content is the liability of the resume writer.

Resume Confidentiality
The total confidentiality of material posted on any Internet site cannot be guaranteed. It should be expected that your resume information could potentially be viewed by anyone with access to the Internet, and a determination to hack a system. We have taken all conceivable measures to protect the privacy and integrity of our resume database.

Due to the increase in global security breaches, you are posting your resume at your own risk. By submitting your resume online you agree to hold TECHEXPO, its owners & affiliates harmless from any liability or damage that may arise.

TECHEXPO supports the double opt-In method for email information dissemination. Requests for lost password updates will be sent only to the email address on file.

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