Exhibitor Resources

Exhibitor Tips for Success

At a TECHEXPO Top Secret hiring event, there is no limit to the amount of hires you can make!  Here are some suggestions to make the most of your investment.

  • Utilize the complimentary Job Postings you receive as part of your exhibition. Your critical needs can be viewed nationwide and may attract those professionals looking to relocate.
  • Key word search the resume database pre & post the event to seek any candidates that you might have missed or that could not make it to the expo. There are numerous professionals that are currently employed that may have not had the time to join us, but have submitted their resume for your review.
  • Make sure your booth presence is professional, attractive & engaging. If you need assistance with acquiring a new booth, banner stands or promotional items, just ask us and we can assist you with finding a trusted vendor.
  • The best recruiters with the best results ALWAYS Stand & Invite as many candidates as they can to their booth. A recruiter who is sitting at their table, working on their laptop or mobile phone typically walks away from the show empty handed. Keep your cell phone usage to a minimum, as you do not want to miss the winning candidate who may think you are too busy to interview with them.
  • Introduce yourself to your surrounding exhibitors. It’s a small recruiting world in our industry. Networking with other recruitment executives is another benefit at TECHEXPO.
  • If you have some teammates with you during the show, please be sure to always have someone cover the booth during lunch. Your space should NEVER be empty. You may miss the one great hire you were seeking if no one is there to interview him / her.
  • Have your company pitch rehearsed with strong talking points of the benefits of working with your team.
  • Follow up with great speed post our event. The best candidates are not on the market for long, so be sure to schedule a time for a follow up interview with your strongest prospects.

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Scott Warren